Chugger Lugger was invented to solve a problem.  During the summer of 2008, I was mowing my yard with a push mower.  I had a beer in a foam insulator sitting on the driveway.  When I went to get a drink, the West Texas wind had blown it over and it was rolling down the driveway.   I knew there had to be a better way.

So I began searching the internet for a drink holder.  I wanted one that attached to my waistband without the need for a belt.  I couldn't find one.  Those that I found either required a belt, or required the user to wear a sash or wear a helmet.  Those weren't going to work.

After a few years of looking, I began to design what I thought would work.  The first sketch and prototype were completed in 2013.   I began by going to my local grocery store and measuring cans with a digital caliper.  That will get people to giving you some looks...   The first design only held a can.  During my testing, I had people tell me this is cool, but it needs to be able to hold a foam insulator.  So back to the drawing board and more prototyping. 

Now I had a design that held a can inside a foam insulator.  Once again, while testing it, I had other people say this is cool, but it needs to do more than hold a can.  Back to the drawing board.  A new design, and now it would open twist off bottles.  This time while at a college tailgate, I had some co-eds ask about it.  They both held up their hands and said they needed a way to open  a can without chipping their expensive manicures.  So a can tab pry was added. 

During the final design, we added the magnets and made the bottle cap opener to open pry off bottle caps.  Now we had a holder that had everything. A bottle opener, can opener, held foam insulators, had strong magnets, attached without needing a belt, and was West Texas wind proof.  The final design came in 2018. 

In August 2018 we ordered the molds, and the very first Chugger Lugger was manufactured in Spring of 2019.

why did i invent the chugger lugger?


1st Prototype


Twist off cap opener

Mold Sample.JPG

1st one made