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Chugger Lugger is protected under one or more patents and patent applications including 29635590, 15885721, 29491091, and 15/263,317

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Chugger Lugger®

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  • Weight: 3.0oz including waistband clip

    Height: 4"

    Diameter: 3.3"

    Length: 4.9"


    Chugger Lugger is the only drink holder on the market that:

    •  attaches using a waistband clip. 
    •  accommodates the use of an insulated drink sleeve.   
    •  built in bottle cap opener.
    •  built in can tab opener.
    •  rubber coated neodymium magnets.
    •  made from bullet proof glass material for durability.
    •  drink holder is easily detachable from waist clip when needed.
    •  ergonomic mug style handle for comfort and style.
    •  holds both bottles and cans up to 24oz size.
    •  turns a can/bottle into a mug sitting on a flat surface.
    •  makes your drink stylish while at any party or event.  
    •  holds most cans/bottles, water bottles, sports bottles etc.
    •  8 years of research and development to create.
    •  Made in USA - Texas Made, Texas Tough!